"The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was pitched perfectly for the class and they enjoyed asking questions, seeing props and listening to the reasoning behind the writing."

"It has definitely inspired a lot of reading and writing in year 4"

I LOVE doing author events!  See below for what I can offer:  

"Visit was unique, personable, interesting and perfect for the children."


I talk about how I 'met' Dougal and came to write his books (this involves delving down a bin liner), followed by questions and signing.  The whole session should take about an hour and is suitable for ages 6-11.  



Pretty much as libraries, depending on requirements. Please use the 'contact' tab above to discuss further.



I do half or full days, with up to four one hour sessions per day - these include an entertaining assembly about how I came to write my books, plus workshops to inspire a love of reading and writing.  My books are ideal for Years 3, 4 and 5, but I'm happy to work across KS1 and KS2.  I'm happy to sign books and will arrange this with a bookshop if necessary.  My fees are in line with Society of Author guidelines.  

For some excellent advice on arranging a school visit click here.  


"You have inspired me to write my first book."

"The Author was very engaging. The pupils were very involved. There was a good atmosphere"

'It was awesome!"