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 A land of plenty where everyone was happy?  Pool couldn’t think of anything worse.  What this place needed was a famine.  Or a war.  


For generations Rebels have been risking their lives over treacherous seas, razor sharp rocks and fierce currents to flee from the tyranny of Kamoria and seek refuge in the land they call Langrinia.  For generations the descendants of the surviving Rebels have done all they can for those who still struggle over.  For generations they have lived in peace with the Forest and its elusive people.


But now a new survivor has washed up, battered and bleeding to death, insisting that he be tended by no one but the apprentice healer, Neekra.  But when Neekra discovers that he is none other than Pool, bastard son of Supreme Lawmaker Daner of Kamoria, the most feared High Ruler of all, she needs more than her healer skills to help him lose his violent past and accept their peaceful ways.  And why is he so interested in her?


Now a war with Kamoria is brewing and Pool their only hope – but whose side is he really on?


Teach him to love, my Neekra, don't let him burn us.


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