I am often asked for advice by young writers, which is wonderful, because I love meeting others who write.  Some are keen to be published, which is also wonderful, but not very easy - although it can be done.


If you've got any questions have a look at my Young Writer FAQs 


My advice to anyone wanting to be published at this early stage of your life, is to enter competitions where the prize involves publication in an anthology of the winners.  If you are lucky enough to win, then you will see your work in print! Have a look at my COMPETITIONS page!


Below are some links that you might find useful. 



Cuckoo Writers

For writers aged 12 - 19 


Kids are Writers

For support and tips on writing


Young Writers

Lots of information for young writers


Chelsea Young Writers Club

After school and holiday classes in London



The Story Museum

As it says - a whole museum about stories


Another way to see yourself in print online, is to review books - below is a website that is looking for reviewers:


Mango Bubbles Books






Click images for more info.

Professional Reader Reviews Published