I’m Jackie Marchant and you will absolutely not guess what happened to me the other day.  A bin liner fell on my head.  Honest.  And I don’t mean an empty bin liner fluttering about – this was a FULL bin liner, full of STUFF.  And it landed right on my head.


It split open and you would not believe what fell out of it.  Here are some of the things: 


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While I was looking at all this stuff (and getting a bit of a fright as the spider ran out) a boy rushed out of the house and said:

While he was looking for Ida the spider, I asked him about the note about the creature in the shed.


‘You wouldn’t believe it!’ he said.  And then he told me what had happened . . .


His name is Dougal Trump and I helped him write his story. A while later, he asked me if I'd seen his tarantula, which had gone missing.  'Dougal,' I said.  'I think you'd better tell me how you got a tarantula in the first place.  Maybe there's another story we could write!'  And we did . . .

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